Growing up in a small town, I feel a strong sense of community to my hometown.

My hometown consists of around 4,700 people.

It is easy to know people around the neighborhood and build a sense of connection with them.

Since the town does not have any large corporation, people are mostly self-employed.

People are usually farmers, accommodation owners, restaurant or cafe workers, or craftsman.

Therefore, people in town have good horizontal relations with each other.

This mutual aid relationship is one of the great culture of my hometown.

            Since the major industries in of my hometown are tourism and agriculture,

many people care about health of land and environment.

Several young farmers are trying to do polyculture farming and sell their products both at local famers market and online to distant customers.

In addition to that, people who are engaged in eco-tourism also promote new lifestyle such as self-sufficient farming.

Interaction with these people make this town as a unique community where people try to create new values and ideas.

            This unique town has created its own culture by attracting people from many parts of Japan and around the globe.

The beautiful landscape and natural resources are the biggest reason why people are attracted to come to this town.

Even though the town is located rural area, people are diverse which makes the town as one of the more unique place in Japan.

             I place myself in the community as an important member who wishes to contribute to the progress of town .

I believe that most people in the community feel that they are important member of the town.