Wake up in a morning, I feel the quiet snow falls and the bright sunshine from the side of Mt. Yotei.


Starting of a day of winter, I feel my body and mind are totally harmonized under such a beautiful day in Niseko.

My body start to absorb energy from the sunshine, air, water, and food.

My mind feel the energy of the universe.

I realize the total harmony of universal is right at here.

Niseko is a very special place for people who live here.

The land has been protected for many generations as a sacred place.

When you breath air, you can feel why this land is so special for us.

Look at those mountains, you will see why our ancestors has protected this land.

You also need to see the harsh environment to live in such a snowy place.

It is not just fun skiing at here.

But also, harsh and cold environment is what makes this place special as well.

However, this place gives us so many lessons about life.

And warm spring after a harsh winter gives us joy and excitement of new year.

As a local who grow up this land, I want to share this feelings with you

if you show us respect and care.

Thank you

Yohei Sasaki