Niseko Backcountry Guide

Niseko Backcountry Guide

Niseko Backcountry Guide

¥20.000 for a full day guide

Our backcountry guide offers you to go around some of the best areas around Niseko.

Most of them are accessible by hike ups using touring ski.

Normally, it takes about an hour to hike up so that we can do 2, 3 runs in a day.

We take lunch break after the first run.

After skiing, we recommend guests to go onsen (hot spring ) to relax your body

which is one of the great experience in Niseko.

In addition to that, we can take a look at some of the best photo shot of the day

as well as movie if we took some.

Niseko Backcountry Guide

I have started this touring company to show around real Niseko. As a person growing up this town, I have a strong sense of connection to this land. My fundamental aim is to preserve this area as a beautiful land. Nature is what we have to care about.We are fundamentally connected to the land.It is very important to know about the connection with the land. I have been thinking about my connection with the land of Niseko. I believe that my mission is to show people around Niseko And give them an experience of real Niseko culture and nature. Therefore, I have started this guiding. Niseko Backcountry tour is my passion to show people around real Niseko. I would like my guest to experience what this land mean for locals.