I have started this touring company to show around real Niseko.

As a person growing up this town, I have a strong sense of connection to this land.

My fundamental aim is to preserve this area as a beautiful land.

Nature is what we have to care about.

We are fundamentally connected to the land.

It is very important to know about the connection with the land.

I have been thinking about my connection with the land of Niseko.

I believe that my mission is to show people around Niseko

And give them an experience of real Niseko culture and nature.

Therefore, I have started this guiding.


My guiding can be any style depending on your request.

I can guide resort mountains as well as non resort mountains for those who love backcountry tour.

I can also give you town touring of Niseko and surroundings.

Town touring is something which is not done by other tour company

So it is very interesting to see what is around in Niseko besides ski resort.

You will find many interesting spots and features of Niseko.

Onsen tour and food are some of the most popular thing to do in Niseko.

If you have specific interest, I am love to hear beforehand

so that I can arrange the best tour for you.